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Hidden costs associated with hugging open source software

Open source term is perceived differently by different vendors, across the business/technical community members have the misconception that, falls under freeware however not true!!! Open source vendors have subscription model & attached costs.

As we are aware Linux, Apache, Tomcat… are most successful enough also got the stable market due to the continuous support from the developer communities.

    Open source software successfully contributed towards small & medium development orgainzations growth, what are the intricacies with the adoptability of this, cost reduction could be the main factor but what are hidden costs associated while factoring out this decision.
    The cost entails the users to various levels of tested & certification of s/w, compatibility & upgrade advice, support benefits, free upgrade, service packs etc.

These benefits are not as part of the community edition of the software. Several white papers reiterates this fact

The Strategic Guide to Virtualization, Free Symantec Corporation Guide

The Strategic Guide to Virtualization, Free Symantec Corporation Guide.

Ensuring maximum ROI from virtulization strategy withhelding new complexities and challenges in the IT environment.

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